Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Catching Up

Planting 1, 636 CY

Dear Jack,

I thought you might appreciate being informed of what our group is up to considering your involvement in these events. I’m not entirely sure where you’ll be, but hopefully Sir Christopher can help me get this letter to you.

First, I should think an apology is in order. I was terribly thoughtless in bringing you home. Please forgive me for not warning you that there could be hard feelings on behalf of my family. I know Adam will eventually come around, and I’m sure his mistrust is born more of bitterness and anger than true hatred. He’s still the good person he always was, just one burdened by deep sorrow and frustration. Thereca and Tobi were quite happy to have you home, and I think Uncle was as well. You shouldn’t doubt that we care about you as much as always.

We had a stroke of good fortune in our hasty return to Greyhawk City! We saved Tulla’s parents from her poor, mad sister and managed to defeat the Chosen of Kyuss. He’s currently in a frozen bucket of holy water at the church of Pelor. I’m not sure what they intend to do with him, but at least that’s one less villain on our heels. Our next destination is to the land of the Frost Barbarians to the The Caverns of Suel Memory. Villius seems slightly apprehensive about returning to his homeland, though I’m not entirely sure why. He describes his mother as “formidable,” and she is evidently a seer of great power. It might be that she can give us some hints as to our future.

Sadly, I have no news regarding young Jack. Evelyn and Rutherford Seafire are incredibly competent and amazingly skilled in the travel of the planes, so I am certain they will find him soon. Even if I have to abandon this quest to search door to door on every plane of existence, I swear he will be safe. Please tell Kalur, I won’t give up. I have also asked Sir Christopher to look for your uncle Donovan since it seems strange he didn’t meet us back home during the incident with the castle. If you have any knowledge of where he might be, perhaps you could coordinate with the Grand Marshall.

I hope that your pirate friends won’t be too disconcerted by all the strange events. I have no idea how much you’ve told them about your past, though your friend, Zegran, seemed well informed. You didn’t speak much about them, but I trust I can count on them to protect you while I can’t. They seem to have done an acceptable job so far. I should like the opportunity to meet them on less wary terms. Perhaps they won’t mind the change in occupation to something less… larcenous. Defending Geoff from the predation of the Scarlet Brotherhood’s fleet is important and should be a great benefit to many good people. It’s a task worthy of pride, I think.

At some point, I suppose we should discuss what you and Kalur remember about that day. There might be something in your memories that could give us a clue or answer questions about what sort of curse was laid on our lands. It might lead us to information that could help fix what was done to you as well.

I’m sure it did our people’s hearts good to know that their lord is alive and well. Though I had to leave abruptly and didn’t have the opportunity to talk with many of them, I have no doubt they will welcome you and Kalur home once they are over the initial shock. I also harbor no fears that whatever choices you decide to make in regards to your future, you will do what is best for them and yourself. You have never given me cause to doubt your resolve in the past, and I know you won’t now. I trust you.

Be safe,


Davidnic Davidnic

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