Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch:14th Coldeven 636CY

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch
14th of Coldeven 636 CY

Castle Greyhawk

We slowly recovered our friends lost on the planes after the incident at the Ghost Tower of Inverness. Jevan’s grandfather located them on the planes of Yasgard and Concordant Opposition, although some had been to other places before most of them were drawn together there. Jevan, Tulla and I had an interesting time as well. I know, you are saying to yourself…“What could compare with being adrift in the planes of existence?”

Well trying to determine if the hard candy is sentient at Castle Greyhawk while you wait for your friends. That’s right, we were all being called to Castle Greyhawk, because apparently the god Zagyg had information for us that would be of value on our quest.

Soon, after determining that it might be morally wrong to eat the hard candy, our friends arrived. We did not have long to catch up before Zagyg arrive and had us sit for dinner. I have no idea what I ate, but it was amazing. Sketches and descriptions of this…“Pizza” to follow in the appendix of this travel journal.

Zagyg told us that we were there to meet with Loreli’s great great great grandmother who was been cursed and preserved in ice long ago after finding out how to destroy the Codex. We finished dinner and went to meet Valeneth Worldstride.

We were led to where a beautiful woman was encased in ice. Zagyg freed her and explained the ice was one of the curses, he never explained what the other was, and that Valeneth had little time before it killed her. Apparently, to guard from Barty…she was not allowed to sleep because he could invade nightmares. She she had waited, awake, for nearly 300 years. Given that fact…she looked marvelous. I am not sure how someone is supposed to look after centuries in cursed ice not sleeping…but I would guess she had handled it well.

Valeneth was anxious to tell us what she knew before anything happened, like her death. She had been part of a group of adventurers. This group did many amazing things and eventually retired and some had children and we know two descendants of members of the group. One is The half elf ranger Cerrian Firstlight and the other is our party member Loreli.

When heroes were needed to go to the Isles of Woe and find out how the Codex could be destroyed, they were called on. They left their children in the care of family and left for the Isles. Only Veleneth returned and she was cursed to slowly turn into ice. Apparently one must be cursed to gain entry to the Isles for a party and Valeneth was the one who took that curse. But it seems that curse is different from the one killing her. And Zagyg made a comment that seems to indicate that the other curse rests now with Loreli. She did not volunteer information; but eventually someone will have to broach this subject. But then was not the time.

She told us the Codex could be destroyed by taking it to the Manor of Yagrax on the Isles of Woe and setting it on the altar to Boccob (the god of Magic) and playing the Song of Ages. After that a flamestrike spell will destroy it.

What they also found out was what and where the Song of Ages is. The Song of Ages refers to the instrument and song that played and was played at the first dawn of creation and was the music for the dance of Pelor, Beory and Nerull.

Now, of course there was not some unknown flute player at the first moment of creation. But the artifact..I suppose, represents that moment. Made by the gods as a personification of the cycle of creation and day and night itself. We found out flute was given to the human ethnic groups and the music to the demihumans. It was divided between them and hidden.

As far as the flute we already had the Rehenne part. It was the object brought back from that accursed demi plane. The one Vecna could not open. And a good thing too..because Valeneth said it had the power to “rewrite” things. This would have been just up his road when considering his attempted apocalyptic authorship.

The pieces were divided as follows:

1. Rauxes
2. The Ancient Temple to Dorga Torgu in the dry stepps
3. The Caverns of Suel Memory in the Frost Lands
4. The Palace of the Rehenne
5. The Bright Desert The Capitol of Itar

There are also fragments of the Song itself held by the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings.

1. The City of Shattered Glass Beneath the Oytwood in Geoff (Elves)
2. The Mines of Drenek (Dwarves)
3. The Clockwork Dungeon (Gnomes)
4. ???? Halflings

Apparently, we hid ours really well. I will need to talk to my parents and find out if they know anything about the location of the halfling music fragment.

Zagyg then told us that we would need to meet with Sir Christopher in Geoff in order to plan what to do next.


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