Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Coldeven 15, 636 CY

Coldeven 15 636CY

Working with the soil samples I took from home, I have identified 5 grape varieties and 7 olive varieties that would do well on the faust. Of the five grape varieties, only 3 are suitable for wine production, but the other two make for pretty good juice. Very red juice too. I can’t get the stains out of my apron or my dish cloths. All 7 olive varieties are good for pressing and general consumption. Together, they would increase general nutrition and well as give the city a true export.

A lot fruits and vegetables would also grow well based on my experiments: tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, strawberries, potatoes, rutabagas, black berries, and raspberries. I’ve even managed a few fruit trees: peaches, apples, and nectarines. While we won’t see big turnouts for these on the faust, the seasonal selection would really help to curb our dependence on food import. If I can find a way to increase flowering and production, it would be enough not just to feed the city for a season, but be enough for canning and preserving.

Sir Christopher has asked us to come to Geoff, so I’m hoping for some extra time to seed hunt. I’m getting close to exhausting my supply of soil from the faust and I want to give it one last go with a grain. I’ve had a terrible time of it. Coffee and cacao is just as bad. I can get them grow in Greyhawk City fairly well, but the climate of the faust is no where near wet enough to make it work. They truly are plants of the tropics.

My maps of the areas outside of the Ghost Quarter show an odd depression close to the old walls on the far side. Old maps of the original city indicate that the colosseum was there, so by sinking, it may have created a natural well. If that’s true, water can be routed from the area to irrigate the side of the faust closest to the second wall. If not, we could commission the dwarves in the city to use its super structure to create a cistern. I’ve drawn all over a few of the maps with terra forming plans.

I’ve worked on this for so long and I don’t know why I plug away at it. Maybe it’s my heart’s one last hold out for home.

Jeremy was snooping around while I was gone. Zanmorn doesn’t like him much. I think it’s his fatherly instinct kicking in after being dead so long. He did have five daughters. But it also means he’s hyper vigilant, which is very helpful to me. Master Moonrise doesn’t seem to have much common sense, but too much snooping means he might suss me out.

I’m starting to get really paranoid.

I reorganized the roof garden to resemble the ones in Greyhawk City and I harvested the Maiden’s Hair Ivy. It will stay low until next season. I also pulled the books in my office and took the ones I rebound up stairs to the shelf in my living room. Mixed in with all the rest of my books, a bunch of ‘supply chain management’ books won’t stand out. I’m not sure what to do about the books from the Archlich’s tower. For the most part, I’ve just left them on my book shelf when I’m not studying them. They don’t really look out of the ordinary, though there is a strange feeling you get off of them. I bought a bunch of decorative paintings and etchings for the walls to cover my maps of the faust. Even with everything hidden away, I still feel exposed. Like I’m forgetting something. I know if I can hold out until Needsfest, both Jeremy and his Unfailing will move on to another city.

I know I’ll be sad when they leave. It’s nice to have the attentions of another. In Greyhawk City, with a noticeable population of beautiful young women and elves, no one notices run of the mill. Which is another reason I’m so paranoid. I’m starting to believe the attention is a sign that one of the Secret Police is close to catching his prey.



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