Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Planting 1, 636 CY

Planting 1, 636 CY

Leave it to the necromancer to get so comfortable during the legend of the elven vampire she falls asleep! Luckily, I woke before my favorite story about the Company of Flame. Though I’m pretty sure Frederik was chuckling under his breath at me. The nap ended up being a good thing since I needed to pack all the boxes to go back with them that night. The packages wiped out a good chunk of my personal supplies, but I’ll be able to restock when the shops reopen to buy a few things. Other stuff I’ll need to travel for, and since I’ll be travelling a lot, I’m not too worried.

It’s taking every bit of self control I have not to run to the roof and check the oats every five minutes. This is made easier with Moonrise constantly poking his head in every cabinet. Since I know he’s been through them all before, it’s just another case of him trying to prod me into slapping him. I’m rather surprised how quickly I can cow him. I wonder if it’s an act, if he feels genuinely apologetic about the last seven months, or something else. I guess I’ll find out the next time I see them, whenever that will be. I’m still reserving my one hit, but I got really close to using it when he started going through my yarn. He made such a mess and looked hurt that I was cross.

The absolute worst part of knowing I’m safe (relatively speaking) for now, is that I am going to miss them. Though I won’t miss Jeremy’s poor attempts at flirting. And they are atrocious, thank Pelor he’s stopped. I will miss having people from home around. Which is like saying I miss home. I know I won’t be able to get out of going back eventually. I fear the terms of that return. Maybe if I pray hard enough and I’m really lucky, it will only be to cast a vote for a new Guildmaster and leave again. I know I’m not that lucky.

I’ve packed my bag and I’m ready to leave for the Caverns of Suel Memory. Being pure Suel, or as pure as I’ll ever know since I don’t remember my parents, I’m sure it will involve something extra for me. I’ve packed the books on Suel history that I took with me from Hollowfaust to read up before I get there. I have to force myself to read all of it because I have a tendency to read the histories involving Lady Carthylla over and over. She was the reason I wanted to be an Anatomist. One of the original Seven Pilgrims, Carthylla was both brilliant and unerringly compassionate. She loved the refugees and turned Hollowfaust into a real city through her devotion to the people, creating a deep and lasting stability. And what young girl can resist the tales of romance surrounding Lady Carthylla and her beloved Sarrant, first of the Unfailing? I still get pitter-patters reading about it.

I remember hearing tales as an apprentice that Lady Carthylla would grant her wisdom and advice to the guildsman who best carried on her work. And while I know it’s silly, I’ve always tried. Even after I left.



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