Advanced Spawn of Kyuss


Advanced Spawn of Kyuss (10HD)
Spawn of Kyuss Undead 10
CE Large Undead
Init 2; Senses Darkvision 60’; Listen 0, Spot 6
Auras Fear (40 ft. radius, Will DC 18)
Languages Common
AC 12 Touch 7, Flat-Footed 12
hp 78 (10 HD); Fast Healing 5
Immune Undead Traits
Fort 3, Ref 1, Will 7 Weakness Curative Transformation Speed 40 ft.
Melee Slam 13 (1d8+12 plus worm and Kyuss’ gift) or
Touch +12 (0 plus worm)
Ranged Worm +2 ranged touch (special)
Space/Reach 10 ft x 10 ft/10 ft
Base Atk +5; Grp +17
Atk Options Create Spawn, Fear Aura, Kyuss’ Gift
Abilities Str 26, Dex 7, Con —, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 16
SQ Turn Resistance +2

Feats Improved Natural Armor, Improved Toughness, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Slam)

Skills Hide +1, Jump +16, Listen +0, Move Silently +5, Search -1, Spot +6

Create Spawn (Su) If a spawn of Kyuss hits with a slam attack, as a free action, it may transfer a worm from its body to that of the target (it may also do this as a touch attack or have a worm leap as a ranged touch attack with a range of 10 feet). The worm is a Fine vermin with AC 10 and 1 hit point. During this time, the worm can be killed by normal damage or the touch of silver. On the spawn’s next turn, the worm burrows into the flesh of its target (creatures with natural armor plus 5 or more are immune), making its way toward the brain and causing 1 hit point of damage per round until it reaches the brain 1d4+1 rounds later. When inside a victim, the worm can be destroyed by remove curse (or spells that duplicate these effects); dispel evil or neutralize poison delays its progress for 10d6 minutes. These spells affect multiple worms within the same victim. Worms cannot survive outside of a host for more than 1 round. A DC 20 Heal check extracts the worm and kills it. Once the worm reaches the victim’s brain, it inflicts 1d2 points of temporary Intelligence damage per round until it is destroyed or the victim reaches 0 Intelligence, at which point the host dies and rises as a spawn of Kyuss 1d6+4 rounds later. Small, Medium, and Large creatures become spawn of Kyuss as described above; smaller creatures quickly putrefy rather than become normal zombies. Spawn (and spawned zombies) are not under the control of their parent but usually follow after whatever spawn created them. Any creature that touches a spawn with an unarmed strike or other natural weapon is immediately attacked by 1d4 worms.

Curative Transformation (Ex) — Remove curse or remove disease (or more powerful effects that duplicate these spells) transform a spawn of Kyuss into a normal zombie.
Fear Aura (Su) — Continuous effect in a 40-ft. radius, as a fear spell (panicked), Will negates DC 18. A creature that makes its save against the aura is immune to it for 24 hours. Caster level 7th. The DC is Charisma-based.

Kyuss’ Gift (Su) — Supernatural disease, incubation time 1 day, Fortitude DC 15. The disease deals 1d6 Constitution and 1d4 Wisdom damage per day, manifesting as rotting flesh and dementia. Healing magic has only half effect on the victim, though remove disease cures it normally.


Advanced Spawn of Kyuss

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