Grandson of the Shining Light Emperor of the Isle of Pearls


The Isle of Pearls is in the far West beyond the Baklunish lands. Akihiro is the most recent in a long line of emperors and empresses. The oldest child is always born with a mystical connection to Pelor in his manifestation as Amaterasu. The child becomes, in a real and mystical way, the grandchild of Pelor. And with the powers and wisdom that brings, they rule the Isle of Pearls. Often they are given an extended life.

Akihiro was an ally of the Heroes of the Key and helped them cleanse the corrupted tree of the taint of the Mad God. He also arranged for the Mace of Pelor to be used against the Archlich, performing the ritual that called it into being.

Now, 30 years later,The Emperor Akhiro, Divine Light of the Sun, sent Qui Yue Umari east because he foresaw that in time the Ilse of Pearls would need to aid others more directly in preventing evil. He understood from helping the Heroes of The Key that there are dangers in the world that can not be stopped without the Light of Pelor. The Isles are a place of great beauty but they also house the locked and guarded gate to the prison of the mad god…the only direct one on Oerth.

So he decided that he would pick a proper time and send a monk. As he was pondering he received word from Sir Christopher that the Last Tapestry was again showing the future. And the Lord Marshall of Geoff requested that he consider sending Que. Although a young and skilled monk…she had not been on Akhiro’s list of possibilities. But fate chooses where she will.

The Light of All Ages speaks to him and says that there is a child who has been faithful to the Light for centuries. Even though dead she sleeps now in a ring. As chance would have it, the companions of Qui have given her the ring for keeping. Akhiro has decided he may visit them and ask if he may see the ring on behalf of the god Pelor. He would not need to wait to awaken the child.


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