Sir Alexander Brenton

Paladin of St. Cuthbert 13


Age at death: 23
Height: 5’9
Weight: 121
Hair: Red
Skin: Ruddy
Eyes: Green
Race: human
Ethnicity: Oerdian
god: Saint Cuthbert


Sir Alexander Brenton was born into poverty. He grew up poor and knowing it, but not letting it cause bitterness. His world was the farm where the family eeked out a basic existence and the Church of Cuthbert, where he found the concepts of honesty, truth, dedication and trust…to be irresistible.

He joined the party of three Flan and an elf by happenstance on an early adventure involving the drow. His honesty and simple goodness won over his new friends immediately. Noble beyond any reason involving blood…Alexander was fun loving but dedicated to justice. He got along well with everyone and where Dreais felt for people as individuals, Alexander felt for societies as a whole. So many families would be destroyed if the Codex was allowed to survive. He could not allow that and accepted the mission to the Isles of Woe.

His relationship with fellow party member Olivette Firstlight was not discovered until his death on the Isles. During the year they were resting from adventuring before learning of the Isles, Valeneth was not the only person to have a child. Olivette gave birth to their son, who took her elven name and was left in the keeping of her family in the Gnarley forest.

Sir Alexander Brenton

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