Arabell Von Slythe


Age: 23
Height: 5’8”
Hair: blond
Eyes: hazel
Ethnicity: Oeridian


Arabell’s father was distinctly displeased when Jack’s parents didn’t select her for the arranged marriage. As the closest female cousin to Jack’s age, he felt it was something of a slight. Instead, she was engaged to Kalur — which worked out quite well in the end. She’s quite fond of Will and Jack, viewing them as “in-laws” from the start. Jack, for his part, can’t stand his manic cousin and always preferred to be visiting the Stalwarth’s manor when she was around. Fortunately for her, her father had decided to keep “the kids” away from the family castle during the catastrophic events.

Arabell definitely suffers from some slight effects of generations of inbreeding on her branch of the family tree. She’s not terribly intelligent or particularly magically talented, but she’s beautiful and possesses a rather formidable animal cunning. Kalur is an excellent match for her since he IS intelligent, but lacks his fiancee’s feral charisma. Being the elder of the two, she tends to act as a bit of a mother hen to Kalur. When he gets “grumpy,” she does her best to cheer him up — often by employing her shockingly advanced torture skills. Her daily activities include planning for her up coming wedding and attending to whatever devious and unseemly chores Kalur needs done. Above all, she is distressingly cheerful.

Arabell Von Slythe

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