Badr al din

Baklunish Death Knight in Service to Asmodeus


Height: 6’4
Weight: NA
Eyes: Red
Age: 3,000


Pre-dating the Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devastation, Badr was a loyal warrior in the sultans guard. Falling in love with a Suel mage, he slowly was corrupted to the worship of Asmodeus and included in a plan to assassinate the sultan. The attempt failed and he was given the opportunity to execute his lover in exchange for mercy. Killing her, he found out it was a trick of the sultan and no mercy was forthcoming.

Asmodeus raised Badr as a death knight in the control of his lover, Celasur, now a special form of infernal undead. They have been tasked by Asmodeus with helping the Von Slythes, given Balthasar’s inability to secure the subject the devil lord needs.

Badr is a being lacking all emotion but a self loathing that converts to a hatred of every living thing. When he sees good he has an unstoppable desire to corrupt it as he was or destroy it utterly through force. He is unable to forgive himself for his weakness and cowardice…either in betraying the sultan or in betraying his love. He is beyond fear now, beyond betrayal and beyond desire…except the one to prove that everything in the world is a weak as he was.

Badr was killed during the final battle on the Isles of Woe by Ardes and Idrys.

Badr al din

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