Baldrun Ralffson

16th Level Oracle (Mystery:Time)


Height: 6’1
Weight: 132
Age: 46
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Frost Barbarian
god: Odin

Baldrun is thin and stern, but still attractive, her age shows in her eyes and not her face.


The mother of Villius Bluesteel, Baldrun is a woman of amazing strength and intensity. Sister to King Hundgred Rälffson, Even as a child she had visions of the future. Gifted by Wee Jas with second sight she lived her young life with a group of blessed prophets. She despised but excelled at the infighting in the group and rose to be the most respected prophet at the age of 13. She was 15 when the Heroes of the Key came to her land and defeated a Half Dragon Giant and gained one of the pieces of Dalt. She saw the lines of fate around them as they passed to talk to her father. It was early in their travels but even then she saw what the fragment of Dalt was doing to Simon Rhola and that the gnome was already tainted.

She fell in love and married the Jarl’s (Clan leaders) son Arbjorn Bluesteel. They were happy enough but as attempt after attempt to have a child resulted in no conception…people began to talk and say the girl who could see the future could not provide one. And perhaps it was her trade off for such a gift.

One night at the tavern a local fisherman voiced such views too loudly and she broke his arm and left to wonder if he was correct. It was not unheard of for seers to not have children. But this was usually due to lifestyle and not infertility.

She had never sought a vision before. She had always let them come to her. It was always said that no vision ever sought was happy. She understood soon the truth of this adage.

She forced a vision of her child…if she was to have one. And found out indeed she was. She would have a son soon…and he would have a destiny. It was enough for her, but one who peers over and edge and falls has ceded the authority to stop the fall. She watched an envisioned her sons traveling companions…their quest…she saw more than she should. The lord of all devils had a plan. So did the nightmare lord. All reality shuddered under some conflict as worlds vanished. Most disturbing was that the future was not set as fixed as it could be. There was no definitive answer to which was more likely..the triumph of the devils, the coming of nightmare…or the end of all things. She saw the waking eyes of the mad god opening a sliver before Wee Jas mercifully broke off the vision.

She lay in the snow nearing her 30th year knowing that in the next year she would have a son. That she would love him…and that he may never see the age of 20. She knew others would see some of the story after her son was conceived. That they would know he had a destiny. The meddlesome priests of Vatun would glorify it and send him willingly. She could stop none of that. But she could prepare him more than any Frost Barbarian had been prepared for a quest. He would learn reading, history, literature, myth, calculations and all other skills that would make him successful.

She grew sterner and more resolved. She spoke to her brother about the family sword..the Nightcry. He listened and he alone knows the fullness of her vision. When she was done the King gave her Nightcry to give to her son. If the Frost Barbarians were to send a champion against the infernal and impossible then he would have this sword.

She raised her son, born in her 30th year, and smiled as he grew strong. Her husband rejoiced as other seers commented on a grand destiny. She kept silent. She loved him far too much to spoil his joy. She needed no help to prepare the boy, and the knowledge of what may be was too terrifying to put on other shoulders. She has been viewed as blessed but she thinks: When you have been viewed as special because all Oracles are cursed but you have none of the defects your sister seers have. You have, however, seen the eyes of the mag god open a single crack and know that if it happens it will be because your son and those destined to stop it…have died. And you have not slept for a full night in the 16 years since. Being cursed is a relative thing, you have come to see. She worships the god Odin, a god that her husband discovered in his travels as a youth. She finds the lord of mystery of a kind to her mindset.

Baldrun Ralffson

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