Balthasar von Slythe

Vampire Infernalist


Age: 1024
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair: Grey and Black
Eyes: Blue
Race: Oerdian


Once the most noble man in the Oerdian Empire. A beacon of truth and honor who attracted the service of paladins and clerics. Somewhere, somehow…something changed. He became a vampire and an infernalist and hatched his plan to turn the bloodline of his family into a foul stream of magic that served demons. The power and plan behind the evil of his family, he was imprisoned for a thousand years until an earthquake awoke him and his wife from magical sleep.

Bathlasar was defeated and apparently destroyed when he attempted to sacrifice Jack Von Slythe to Asmodeus.

Recently, it was revealed that Balthasar is a direct descendant of the legendary Arnd of Tdon, being either his son or grandson. Arnd established the first order of paladins of Heironeous and was rumored to have been married to a celestial. Balthasar seems to have had an unusually long lifespan even before being transformed into vampire. It is likely Asmodeus wanted to use his divine heritage as a way to eventually gain entry into Celestia.

After being promoted to one of the lords of the 9 layers of hell, Balthasar’s soul was presumably destroyed when Asmodeus chose to inhabit his body prior to the final battle on the Isles of Woe.

Balthasar von Slythe

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