Benjamin Valirvik (Sanders)

Mage Half-Drow


LG Mage (9)
Age: 41
Height: 5,8"
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Race: Half Drow


Benjamin is the son of Danielle Sanders, the sister of Sir Christopher of Geoff. Danielle was captured on a raid into Geoff when she was sixteen and taken by Drow. Sir Christopher does not know his sister survived and also is unaware of the existence of any family.

Danielle fell in love in the slave pits of the drow and when the Vault of Erelhei-Cinlu was destroyed she and her lover escaped. They settled in the city founded by the two Heroes of the Key (Vir and Valdred) for Drow refugees. Even though she has lived within the borders of Geoff for the last 30 years, Danielle made the decision to not complicate her brother’s life with her presence. She feels the constant prejudice against Drow and she being married to one would complicate his life. She has visited Castle Vigilant as a pilgrim and does so often to see the family tombs. Stubborn like their father, Danielle is unlikely to ever change her mind even though her favorite brother is only a few miles away most of the time.

This reluctance is not shared but is respected by her son Benjamin. Benjamin knows the stories of the Heroes of the Key and thinks he would very much like his uncle Christopher. He finds it completely insane that his mother would waste 30 years of a human lifetime like this but is honor bound to respect her wishes. Of course…he is not always as honorable as he should be. In particular when he is watching years pass for her that seem to not pass for him. It seems far too much of a waste. Having been subjected to the prejudice of some of the populace concerning Drow, he grudgingly understands her view.

Benjamin is a mage with an Owl familiar. He has also inherited the family ability to turn into an owl and has used it to spy on his uncle from time to time.

Benjamin Valirvik (Sanders)

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