Cassandra Berk

Leader of the Cult of Asmodeus in Greyhawk City


Rogue 1/Cleric 3/Disciple of Asmodeus 7

Age: 19
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 127 lbs
Hair: Brown almost black
Eyes: brown
Race: Flan/Oerdian


Cassandra spent her early life on the streets. Even just the taste of hardship convinced her that she wanted something more. Born on the streets of Greyhawk, she does not know or care who her parents are. If that part of her even existed, it died long ago.

Given the choice between hard work to barely survive and taking the path of evil, she chose evil willingly and readily. Intelligent and bold…she decided that no god met her standard. But Asmodeus who seemed to be apart from them and personified power, order and ruthlessness…he called to her instantly. And she began following him at age nine.

Moving quickly through the ranks of his cult, she eventually became the leader in Greyhawk city. Feared by all other cult members and leaders…this young upstart seems to have the favor of Asmodeus. Second only to G’thark in all the Flaness, only his raw power stops her from moving to replace him. But she has felled those with more power than her before.

Her persona as an innocent orphan and bakery owner has fooled all of Greyhawk city. Operating just on the edge of the old city she has access to all of her cults members in a short period of time. Her employees are cult members, and her delivery system is also an information network.

Her master has plans for the Flaness, and she wants to be central to his triumph. She is put off by the aura and nature of their ally Bartholomew Serrik. Nothing has ever frightened her before, but he is not normal. She trusts her master implicitly but allying with the Church of Incabulos was a surprise.

She despises the arrogance of this Bartholomew, but she can not say he does not earn the right to it. She has seen how he deals with enemies. And she knows she is not her master, only a servant. And she is wise enough to not challenge this cleric until he is weak. Her power to discover secrets, as a follower of Asmodeus, does not seem to work on him…and this, more than anything..terrifies her. Both because it could mean her master can not pierce the secrets of this man, or because Asmodeus wishes her to not know. Either possibility shakes her confidence enough to increase both her respect and hatred for her ally.

Cassandra was defeated by the party and placed into the custody of the Greyhawk City watch.

Cassandra Berk

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