Suel Mage and Special Undead of Asmodeus


Height: 5’6
Age: 3,000
Weight: 138
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Suel


From before the Invoked Devastation and Rain of Colorless Fire Celasur was a worshiper of Asmodeus from a young age. Raised by her parents to know no other way, she never felt comfortable in the role of her birth…but she was good at it. She became the lover and corrupter of one of the Sultans guards, a man named Badr, and engineered an attempt to assassinate the ruler of the local Baklunes.

The plot failed and she was executed by her lover. Asmodeus raised her as a special undead and gave her control over her killer. Celasur’s great rage is that she really loved Badr and still does and feels a sense of betrayal that can not be resolved.

She has now been charged by Asmodeus with solving some problem that has arisen concerning an ineffective servant. The lord of all devils seems anxious…and this intrigues Celasur immensely.

She hates her master. He has sentenced her to a living hell…for all eternity she will be followed by the man she loves, the same one who betrayed and killed her. She can not stop loving him and can not be rid of him. Abusing him. Having him kill. None of this solves the problem. He has no soul left to corrupt, break or even reach. All he has is his hatred of himself and his weakness in the past. She is alone in constant company.

Celasur is a unique undead who feeds off of the moment when hope becomes despair. Twice a year she must destroy a life through manipulation and magically distills the transition from hope to despair into an elixir that lasts until the next victim.

But she is tired and old. And thinks that this punishment does not fit the crime. But she doubts there is a good god who offers her redemption…if so, they would have spoken up by now.


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