Celestranna Eveninglow

Ambassador from the Weeping Council to Geoff


Cleric of Sehanine Moonbow

Age: 273
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Race: grey Elf


Celestranna is good and kind but exceptionally shrewd. She normally puts Grey Elven interests before all but the will of the Moonbow and the other Elven gods. She has, however, been the representative from The Weeping Council to Geoff for thirty years. And she finds herself seeing more than a little merit in those who have rebuilt the country and forged a fledgling empire.

King Tristian has been nothing but helpful in rebuilding Elven lands and assuring their autonomy and cooperation in the post Vecna Oerth. She dares to hope for a lasting peace and some kind of relationship with the humans like the myths of the ancient Flan before Vecna and the Ur Priests.

Recently she has been disturbed by a message in a dream from her goddess. One phrase in the voice of Sehanine Moonbow haunts her now in her waking hours: “Nightmares are coming”

She does not know what it means but she knows it is not a message for her but for all or Oerth.

Celestranna Eveninglow

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