Creaervan and The Whisper Devil

A possessed Dragon


Those who delve into magic and dark secrets can be too curious, even dragons…especially dragons. In all the long centuries there are few cautionary tales for dragons. Few stories that serve to question their physical and intellectual invulnerability. But the story Creaervan of the Bright Desert is one that gives even the wisest pause before delving into the knowledge of the infernal.

Creaervan was a promising young dragon who discovered some of the secrets of the Ur-Flan. Thinking that any secrets of humans could not be dangerous he delved recklessly into the study of the infernal. Discounting the danger of devils and demons he learned to summon and command them. Believing in the supremacy of dragons over all other life he began to summon then torture and dissect both demons and devils. Soon the Abyss noticed and demons were sent against Creaervan in revenge. He easily handled them and only slightly wondered why the devils did not also find his actions upsetting. He assumed it was because they realized the futility of an assault.

But the real reason was devils move methodically and slow. Centuries passed and Creaervan began having nightmares. His nights were besieged by nightmares that shook even the heart of a dragon. Eventually he awoke one morning to be face to face with a Cleric of Incabulous.

Enraged at the invasion he tried to rise to destroy this preposterous insect. But he found his strength gone and his connection to magic disrupted and most of his abilities gone. Creaervan felt the loss of, no other way to phrase it, his dragoness. He watched, helplessly, as the visitor picked through his horde. The masked man, who seemed to control his nightmares even now while awake, told him he had a disease. It would eventually kill him and he would die as something other than a dragon…essentially a large lizard with no magic. The disease was called scalerot, and it was incurable…but treatable; however only by this man.

Creaervan was forced to agree to a deal, he would accept a guest for as long as the man wished. The cleric lifted a bottle from the horde that contained an old and powerful whisper devil. Too late did Creaervan realize what the cleric meant by guest.

He is a dragon again..and more. He now has a purpose and he is sure it is his own, not that of the devil inside of him. Creaervan still must take an antidote delivered on the 10th of every month by Bartholomew or some other vile creature.

Creaervan and The Whisper Devil

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