Donovan Von Slythe


Age: 52
Height: 6’2”
Hair: blond
Eyes: green
Ethnicity: Oeridian


Having the lamentable distinction of being the most sane member of a pack of deceitful, murderous sorcerers has made Donovan intensely cautious and very physically skilled. While he has no magical talent to speak of, he’s a master swordsman and an excellent politician. He abandoned his family at an early age after nearly being killed multiple times in his youth. As the younger brother of the family heiress, he endured a great deal of danger and became adept at worming his way out of situations.

He had actually never met his young nephew until he returned home on the day of its destruction. Finding the 12 yr old boy cowering in an alcove near the end of the fighting, Donovan was moved to rescue him. He worries about Jack’s mental state now, but finds traveling and gathering information to be the most productive use of his time. He is well aware that Will survived the disaster, but fears his nephew might be led to expose his own survival to the very dangerous remnants of their family if he knew the truth. Donovan knows a great deal about current events and various plots in the Flanaess as well as his family’s plans.

Donovan has been missing since the party first encountered Red Jack and no one has yet been able to ascertain his whereabouts.

Lianna Von Slythe attempted to use Donovan as a distraction to capture Jack, but the plan backfired when Zegran Osver disguised himself as his captain and was captured instead. In the ensuing chaos, the other pirates freed Donovan who later recovered from his imprisonment in hell.

Donovan Von Slythe

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