Dreais Hollis

Flan Mage 14


Age at death: 27
Height: 5’6
Weight: 121
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: human
Ethnicity: Flan
god: Flan Pantheon as well as Erevan Ilesere of the elves


Dreais was a mage of a most unusal sort for the Flan. First, he was an orphan who never knew his parents were, which is odd enough for a Flan. His friends believed there must have been some elves in his family tree…and some spiritual connection to gnomes. Because Dreais was a joker and prankster of the highest caliber.

Kind and compassionate he would use his humor to defuse sorrow and cheer up children. Whenever the group adventured he would be the one to assess what damage could be done to the local populace. He would find the poor and suffering and give them aid. He would perform free magical repairs on houses.

The others in the group were concerned for the planet and the end of things due to the prophecy of the Codex. Dreais was obsessed with the potential suffering of all people. That so many innocent lives could be extinguished horrified him more than the whole planet ceasing to exist.

It was at his insistence that the party went to the Isles to discover the way to prevent the end of the world. Dreais was the first of the party to fall in the the Dungeon of the Gods.

Dreais Hollis

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