Edward Prester

Bard of the South Lands


Age: 34
Ht: 5’8
Weight: 163
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Mixed


EdwardfullEdward was an adventurer in his youth. He made a habit of his best weapon being wit and cockiness. He adventured to gain the money to return home a provide a life of luxury for the girl he had loved since he was a child. After seven years, he had a small fortune. On his last adventure he met one of the Watchers of the Coming Sunset and turned down an offer to join. The watchers prevented the destruction of the world by following up on every prophecy that could be dangerous. It seemed a bit much to him. Let others save the world.

On the last adventure he had much fun taunting a devil after his party had defeated the infernalist who summoned it. He and his friends dismissed the devil and went home. Or they thought they had. Dismissals can be tricky. And occasionally you end up freeing it instead.

His wedding had an extra, diabolic, guest. One who murdered his wife immediately after the exchange of vows, told the gathered family it was because the groom was a cocky little child and went back to hell. Everyone, most of all Edward, blamed Edward. Essentially having no home, he left and joined the Watchers of the Coming Sunset. He served with distinction for a few years until he found out that the infernalist who summoned the devil who killed his fiancee held some knowledge concerning a prophecy involving Asmodeus. He made sure people did not know the connection and asked for the assignment to find out the information.

He went to the town where the man was being held, disabled the authorities in the small jail and tortured and killed the infernalist for the information. Although horrified, the watchers saw it as more as temporary insanity. The information he got was vital and necessary, but how he got it was horrifying.

The watchers put him on back story duty, getting the history and impression of the people involved with a prophecy. Essentially exiled to the frozen north, Edward works for the watchers because it is something he has the skills to do. He remembers when he cared about things, and deep down wants to again some day.

Edward Prester

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