Eira Ralffson

Frost Mage 15


Height: 5’9
Weight: 132
Age: 40 (Looks in her late 20’s)
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Frost Barbarian
god: Loki
Weapon: Staff

Pzo9237 winter witch

Sister to Baldrun and King Hundgred, Eira is not a worshipper of devils but she will attempt to ally and use them to gain what she wants; whatever that may be at a given moment. She began to worship Telchur because he was an enemy of Vatun and no one was supposed to worship him. She rejoiced in the chaos this caused her family. She is not evil, but she is insane.

A friend and ally to giants as well, Eira enjoys causing trouble for her family and people. She believes that she is destined to be their ruler and can do a far better job than her brother. A mage of exceptional skill she loves the power magic has over others.

That her nephew has the Sword Nightcry infuriates her. How her brother could let the family sword wander about Oerth is beyond her. The capitol of Krakenheim is literally filled with the talk of some quest young Villus is on that will be important to their people and all of Oerth. Her nephew is coming home to marry and she will be heading to the village of Silental for the celebration. As much to check on the sword as anything else.

Recently she has become a worshiper of Loki and has, in him, found a god to revere and not just follow for the sake of contrariness. She has caused endless nuisance for her family and been accepted back but, with her new god guiding her…she feels that she now understand how to truly treat family. She has promised to no longer be a nuisance. She has vowed to become a problem.

Eira was crippled when she lead an army of frost giants to invade her homeland. They were stopped by the frost barbarians and the party, and Eira was brutally injured. Her fate was left to her family to determine.

Eira Ralffson

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