Evelyn Seafire (Aunt Evey)

Wizard 5/Planeshifter 10


Height: 5’6
Weight: 132
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Flan
Age: 56 (looks 23)
AL: CG (with a dash of N)
Wizard 5/Planeshifter 10


Evelyn Seafire is the oldest daughter of Rutherford Seafire, and the only one of his children who could not return to the seaside slow life of Dawnbay. She walks the Planes as a sage and guide…and often wanted criminal. Nothing serious…usually destruction of property on the lower planes and instigating bar fights. She is slightly vain and always up for an adventure. Over the years she realized her nephew Jevan was going to be involved in something massive. Since then she has taken the time to learn things he would need to know…and used the traveling as an excuse to keep exploring the multiverse. She told her father once she would return to Dawnbay for holidays, family events and her own death…because the multiverse was just too big to ignore when you are only one ill advised bar bet from thrilling adventure.

Despite her spells to stay young and a spirit that still is…she is wiser now. And with wisdom, even wisdom accidentally learned, comes the good sense to not bet a dragon you can eat more than him or you’ll retrieve his stolen nose ring from a demon. And if you can’t do that…the multiverse is slightly less mystical. She sees the shadows at the edges of all reality. And she knows something too…that some alternate realities are missing. Vanishing. Along with every soul contained within. This has something to do with the events being explored by her nephew and his compatriots.

She feels that as one of the more skilled planwalkers and with ties to those who must stop it..that it is time to take some responsibility for a multiverse that has given her so much joy.

Very possibly this is the end of all things. And she always told her father she would not cause it. To be fair he would correct her…he never said she would cause it…just that she would be involved.

Evelyn Seafire (Aunt Evey)

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