Leader of the Cult of Asmodeus In The Flaness


Wizard 1/Soul Eater 9/Disciple of Asmodeus 6

Height: 6’1"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Race: Illithid


A monster by almost any definition….G’tharak has served Asmodeus for as long as he can remember. His master is his everything. He is all he wants to be and all he can conceive of being.

Born crippled, as far as his people were concerned, G’tharak did not have a connection to the Great Mind of the Illithid. He was left in the underdark to die but was found by an escaped drow male who worshiped Asmodeus. The drow though that raising the child to care for him then sacrificing him was a fitting tribute to his master. But G’tharak killed his step father within months by devouring his soul. It was then that the boy discovered that even though he did not have the connection to the god brain that his kind normally had…he had the natural ability to devour both intellect and life force. He was, in his mind, like his step fathers master…Amsodeus. He could gain power from souls. In his madness he took the lord of the ninth as his father. He believe him totally and completely to be his father. And he wanted dearly to please him.

Why else would he lack the connection all other Illithids had? But still have their mental powers. G’tharak has recently heard of the ascension of Asmodeus’ daughter Galsya, Mistress of the Erinyes,, to lordship of the sixth layer of hell. He knows his “father” has a great gift planned for him once he helps him rule the prime material planes. He awaits he with anticipation, each day the scope of the gift growing in his fevered and mad imagination.

He has, his madness convinces him, been the loyal son of a loving father…in his mind he has already called himself heir to Hell. But even his madness has limits and he knows in his subconscious to never say such a think out loud. However…his madness grows daily and who knows how much longer such preservation remains in place.

G’tharak was killed while trying to sacrifice Jack Von Slythe to Asmodeus.


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