Ghazal Adeel

Cleric of Geshtai


Hair: Black
Eyes: Black or made of water
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 154 lbs
Skin: Copper
Age: 65 (looks 30)
Ethnicity: Baklunish/Marid


A cleric of the Baklunish goddess of travel and water, she met and fell in love with Isteleran Valenthae, a Sylvan elf of the Welkwood. They had a child, Thazen Valenthae, who was betrothed to Loreli Dawnshroud.

Ghazal comes from Zeif and is now living in little Ket in Greyhawk city. Although a woman of 65 the Marid blood in her family line allows her to look half that age. She is curious about her son and what has become of him… but after consulting with clerics of Istus they have told her not to worry but the truth is shocking and that she will find out in Growfest of this year.

She has always worshiped Geshtai and, like all Baklune, given reverence to Istus. She does not fear her son’s fate, but views it with the outward dispassion many of the Desert folk have toward Fate.

Inwardly, she feels that she should have a husband and family like others do. Her husband has told her that perhaps soon he can leave his position in Oakvein and they can exist as a family. With the Marid blood in her veins it is not impossible for them to have many more years. But there is an inward fear about her son Thazen’s fate that bothers her.

Ghazal Adeel

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