Haruka Umari

Anti-Paladin of Mikaboshi god of evil, empty spaces and distance


Age: 28
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Isle of Pearls


GggggggHer name means distance, and it could never have been more properly chosen. Haruka is only barely human. From the moment of her birth her eyes were fixed on distant stars and for some reason her heart given to the dark god Mikaboshi. His unknowable distance was a driving force for her curiosity. She was uncomfortable in the light of the Sun and chose to walk often at night. Eventually she gathered her family and explained that she would go in search of the god of her choice and in reality she had never loved or cared for them for a single moment. She saw them as simply insects in the way of a great destiny. Her mother begged her to stay, after all her youngest sister has just been born. Haruka said she did not understand why that should matter, one more mewling cancer on the planet did not interest her in comparison to the god of dark stars.

Her family has not heard from her since. The emperor is aware that she had left Oerth altogether by means rare and unknown to most…and she traveled the stars. He is also aware that she has returned. And the god of empty spaces…one of the three gods (along with Incabulos and the Elder Elemental God) who is a shard of the mad god seeking their own dominance…has sent her with a mission. And this mission will bring her into direct conflict with the sister and family she has rejected.

The Emperor Akhiro is unsure if anything human remains in Haruka. She has dwelt with an aspect of darkness that is deeper than most can fathom. Even he struggles to understand the desires of Mikaboshi…the cleansing cold, the god of empty spaces and distance; he who would blot out the light of the sun itself; the one star he can not dominate.

After tangling with the party while trying to get to the City of the Gods in Blackmoore, Haruka ended up being turned to stone and is currently in the care of Emperor Akihiro in the Isle of Pearls while he decides what to do with her.

Haruka Umari

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