Iris Sinclair

Speaker of the Dead 10/ Cleric of Leara 8


Age: 36
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Race: Flan

Iris wears the robes of the Church of Leara which must be any of the colors of twilight or dawn, the goddesses special times.


Iris was something of a mystery from a young age. She manifested the abilities of a cleric with no god, at the age of 3. Her parents Justin and Beverly took her to the Readers of Fate and they saw an interesting history for the child. In addition to the abilities, she has the closest relationship with ghosts in the whole family and evidences soothsaying power far beyond her years.

Ghosts were her playmates and friends. She was a happy child who seems a bit off to many people. But her kindness and generosity won over those put off by her oddness. The Readers gave her a holy symbol with no markings that they said had been waiting for it’s owner. She was the cleric of a god not yet a god, Leara the daughter of Dalt. Her ability to see the future as well as lay the dead to rest was far beyond her years. Her parents would have been worried but she was such an outgoing child that it was hard to see dread in all of it.

After Leara became the goddess of the threshold between life and death and escort of the dead Iris’ holy symbol became marked with the symbol of Leara: An open door with a twilight sky beyond. This happened when she was six years old. Her father Justin is an Unfailing (bodyguard to the Necromancers of Hallowfaust) and one of the Heroes of the Key.

After the defeat of Vecna he returned home and told her the stories of what had happened. She has always been proud that her father was one of the people who found her goddess and guided her to the safety of Dalt’s palace of doors.

In the thirty years since the end of the war with the Archlich, Iris has made significant contributions to the City of Hallowfaust. She is the founding member and High Priestess of the Church of Leara. Recently she has been having visions of a coming time of troubles and foresees that new heroes may be called to meet the challenge. Leara and her father Dalt jointly watch the thresholds between the worlds. That she senses danger can only mean it is somehow related to this aspect of her Leara’s portfolio.

Iris Sinclair

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