Isteleran Valenthae

Sylvan Spell Singer


Height: 5’5
Weight: 140
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Age: 645
Race: Sylvan Elf


Isteleran is an Elven spell singer who has fallen in love once in nearly 700 years. And it was with the Baklunish cleric Ghazal Adeel. They sill communicate and maintain a close relationship but his standing in Oakvein make their living together impossible. Isteleran is the spell singer who is responsible for the defense of the Great Tree. He was chosen for this by the Tree, and the duty can be performed by no other. A member of Clan Enlanefel, he has constant responsibilities to his people.

He has, however, maintained good relations with his wife and son (Thazen Valenthae), despite the stigma of a member of Enlanefel loving a human. He is aware something has happened to his son, but the Great Tree has told him to be patient. He will find out, and when the time is right he will serve a great purpose in his son’s destiny. At that point perhaps he can rest and spend some time with his family.

Isteleran Valenthae

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