Jaquard Von Slythe (Jack, Red Jack)

Pirate Lord


Age: 21 yrs old
Height: 6’1”
Hair: Blond hair
Eyes: right green eye, left one entirely red with a faint glow
Race: Human
Ethnic: Oeridian

Prepare to be Boarded


Jack fullContrary to popular belief, Jack wasn’t killed in the cataclysm at his family’s home. His uncle Donovan, a rare member of the family with no magical talent and none of the insanity, had arrived in his own attempt to either talk sense into his sister or to sabotage the ritual. He managed to drag Jack from the decimated ruins, though the left side of the boy’s face was horribly scarred. It was Jack’s own, rather impressive, sorcerous ability that saved their lives. The two fled the area to meet up with one of Donovan’s close friends — who happened to be a successful pirate captain. Fearing either retribution or possibly action from the remnants of their own family, Donovan chose to hide with the pirates and Jack grew to be quite the terrifying pirate lord by the time he became an adult.

Jack lives in constant fear of being consumed by the taint of his blood. He finds it easy to be ruthless and has distinct trouble centering his moral compass. Jack is also possessed of an odd romantic streak which can lead to trouble when he gets bored of the society girls he woos for entertainment. Being handsome and naturally charming helps. He’s considered fairly genial as fair as pirates go — being happy to only take half the cargo if crews surrender without a fight — but is devastatingly brutal when pushed. If someone can manage to get him to give his word, he always keeps it no matter the cost. He looks after his crew like they were his family and quietly contemplates returning to his home someday to try to rebuild.

He goes by the moniker of Red Jack thanks to his left eye being completely bloody red after his escape from the disaster that destroyed his family. He usually wears a red mask that covers the scars on his face, but will disguise them using magic when in “casual” company, and tends to dress in a theatrical style. Jack is rather vain about his appearance and is easily irritated when people make negative comments. His distinctive pirate flag is a stylized version of the red mask.

Donovan told him that everyone was killed when his ancestral castle was destroyed, so Jack believes Will is dead as well. He feels tremendously guilty over her death and happens to avoid redheaded women so as not to be reminded. He has no idea if there might be other members of his family still living, but would rather avoid them if possible.

After a short, but meaningful, conversation with Will, it seems their childhood betrothal still stands. The group also has learned that Jack’s ancestor, Lianna, is the half-dragon daughter of Asmodeus and Balthasar is a direct descendant of the legendary Oeridian paladin Arnd of Tdon and his celestial wife. This gives Jack the unique heritage of both the royalty of hell, the first paladin of Heironeous, and a celestial spirit.

Jaquard Von Slythe (Jack, Red Jack)

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