Jeremy Moonrise

Necromancer Detective of Hollowfaust


Age: 25
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Suel


Jeremy is perhaps the most intelligent agent the Disciples of the Abyss have. He is also the most socially awkward, who does not know that he is socially awkward. Jeremy is, to put it frankly, socially ungraceful. It is not that he can not be smooth and understanding of the social graces. It is just that he has a blind spot for those does not understand.

Despite this limitation he ascended to the rank of master quickly. He does not miss much, he can put a tactical map together in second and he can deduce whole accurate stories from seemingly unrelated facts. He has solved mysteries that were cold for decades..and in Hollowfaust cold has a much nastier side than elsewhere.

Recently he has been given the task to find a missing master. The case was presented to him as simple…he quickly realized it was far from that. If he is correct then this one mage has been harassed and abused by someone at the highest levels of the leaders of Hollowfaust.

He is not looking for Kylie Evernight because he believes her kidnapped or in danger. He is looking for her because he believes that whatever drove her from home is something that hints at a corruption at the very core of their government.

Jeremy is too smart for his own social good, if it were not for his Unfailing, Frederik, he have been thrown out of many cities foe violating their rules by accident or through apathy for remembering rules that impede his investigation.

He is a man of style and intelligence and little common sense.

Jeremy Moonrise

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