Kalur Von Slythe


Age: 19
Height: 5’10”
Hair: blond
Eyes: green
Ethnicity: Oeridian


As it happens, Jack wasn’t the only Von Slythe survivor who escaped from the destruction of their ancestral home. His younger brother, Kalur, turned up months later with no memory of how he escaped. Kalur was raised to be his elder brother’s loyal (or at least as loyal as anyone in their family could be) seneschal. He took the duty incredibly seriously even at a young age and was frustrated by Jack’s disinterest in his magical studies and other family “business.” He also disliked the fact that his big brother was happy to follow Will around and simply cater to her childhood whims. Still, he respected that their future marriage was part of some plan by his parents and personally rather liked the girl. Kalur has considerably less magical potential than his brother, but is much more driven — and completely insane. Without the benefit of a future paladin as a playmate or a stable uncle as a role model, he fell completely into the family’s curse.

Dour and practical, Kalur tends to put people off with his flat affect, and his relative lack of charisma makes trying to rebuild and control the remnants of the Von Slythes very difficult. He only seems to enjoy himself if someone else is suffering. He has no idea his brother is still alive and, consequently, is considered to be the current head of the family — complete with the occasional assassination attempts. He seems intent on fulfilling some age old plot of theirs, but lacks the resources and abilities to follow through. Learning about Jack’s survival would solve a great many problems for him.

Indeed the recent revelation of Jack’s survival did seem to be the perfect event. But he soon found that it was not the family plan to lead an army of devils, but for Jack’s soul to be destroyed as he became a new host for Asmodeus.

In the time that he thought Jack was dead, he and his wife had a son who he named after his brother. Kalur realized that he loved his brother more than the family plans he had been raised to realize. He helped Jack escape but in the end his own wife handed his son over to Lianna Von Slythe to be taken to Asmodeus. In an accident, his son is now lost among the planes of existence.

Kalur does not know what to do. He worked for an evil he was raised to believe in, but now just wants his son and brother safe at any cost. He feels for the first time… he knows how people feel. This desire to protect his family because he loves them must be how most people feel. But he has no idea who to turn to. He tried to give the world to devils… it does not really make it easy to approach heroes.

Kalur Von Slythe

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