King Tristan Everdawn

Emperor of the Flan Empire


Age: 45
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Flan


Tristan Everdawn is the twin brother of Jenna Everdawn and the youngest of the Everdawn children. He is the child of King Owen I and his second wife Ivana Zarovan. What many do not know is that many years after the death of his first wife King Owen accidentally found his way into Ravenloft. He eventually left with the aid of some Vistani, including Ivana. The two soon found they were in love and she remained with him in Geoff. The blood of the royal family now contains the blood of the Vistani. However, as only the most learned know, there is a secret there. Long ago a tribe of Flan were chosen to mind the prison of the mad god, and let Oerth to become the Vistani. Other of this tribe returned many years later and become the Rhenne. The Rhenne, Vistani and Flan are all related.

Like all of the royal children he was hidden from the Dark Herald, the agent of Vecna. He was given to a family of farmers in Greyhawk city. By coincidence he grew up next door to his oldest half-sister Vine Everdawn, who hated his pet cat.

His three sisters were some of the Heroes of The Key. After they discovered their true identities they found their brother and they all found their father and the queen (the mother of Tristan and Jenna) hiding with the Rhenne in Greyhawk City. After saying goodbye to their father King Owen I as he ended his sacrifice to restore the people of Geoff, Tristan became King. Although the official coronation waited until after the Archlich war, he led the country in that war.

After the war he convinced the ravaged nations of the west Flaness to join into a confederacy. As a leading voice in that group he was the unanimous choice when the nations decided to unify into a kingdom with national rules but a central king. So Tristan Everdawn, Paladin and Truth Seeker of Rao became the first Emperor of the Flan since King Llewellyn faced Vecna.

For years he was busy with the administration of the realm. Despite pressures to marry, he spent his time strengthening the Empire internally. After twenty years he realized that in all that time he had been growing closer in trust and more delicate emotions to Ambassador Elestrandeen of the Hornwood. He approached her about his feeling and was told they were shared. Shortly after they married and are expecting their first child in Autumn of 636 CY.

He knows some of his court and subjects are opposed to his marriage and he does not care. He knows things they do not. After all, as a Truth Seeker of Rao it is nearly impossible for anyone to lie to him. He not only loves Elestrandeen but sees their union as the cornerstone of an Empire of Good that will last millennium if it can survive the next 50 years.

King Tristan Everdawn

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