Lianna Von Slythe

Vampire Infernalist


Age: 2122
Height: 5’8
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Oerdian


Once the prized daughter of a great family, Lianna fell into the same dark spiral that mysteriously claimed her husband. Now she is evil on the cellular level; corrupted to the very core.

Lianna is actually a Dragon priestess of Tiamat. She replaced the real Lianna (who was actually a good and decent woman) and used her in the sacrifice to begin the vampiric transformation of Balthazar. Lianna did not expect to become a vampire as well…and is still not sure how she feels about the transformation.

Kylie received information that Lianna is actually a half dragon. Unfortunately for the party, the other half is devil. Lianna is, in fact, the daughter of Asmodeus himself, making her a princess of hell.

Lianna was killed during the final battle on the Isles of Woe when Ashell Terrain sacrificed himself, detonating in a wave of powerful demonic energy.

Lianna Von Slythe

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