Loreli Dawnshroud

Tattoo Mage/Summoner


Age 24
Height 5’9
Weight: 150
Eyes: Amber
Hair: White
Skin: Copper


Loreli was born into a traditional Flan family. Steeped in the ancient ways, they lived just outside of Greyhawk City and would visit often. She grew up both loving and respecting the Flan traditions but also seeing the good things the city could bring. This was partly because her father, Yaliel, was a professor of folklore at Grey College. So he worked in the city, spent many nights there but always came home.

Happy as a child, Loreli was dealt her first sorrow when both her parents were killed in a bridge collapse when she was fourteen. Already betrothed, Loreli put her wedding on hold and took care of her young brother, Pence, who was six. Her finance was agreeable, going to find work in Greyhawk city to save money and build a life for them. He returned as often as he could to help her and plan for the future. Loerli has been studying the ancient art of Flan Tattoo magic and the night her parents died two new tattoos appeared on her body. She found that she could use them to summon the creatures represented. She felt at peace, because her parents had blessed her with a parting gift.

Two years went by and she grew to love her young brother deeply. She had constant help from her neighbors, who were druids. One was a childhood friend, like a sister; Melody Ravensong and her mother Millicent. One night she woke up as a new tattoo was being seared into her flesh. She ran to Pence’s room to find him gone. Fearing he had been kidnapped and murdered she ran to her neighbors, the Ravensong’s. As her friend Melody comforted her and promised her things would be alright, she was suddenly wracked with pain. Loreli tried to help her but watched in horror as Melody and her mother became living ink and scribed themselves in a new form onto her body.

Horrified at what was happening, she ran to the Druid grove near Greyhawk City and begged for help. The Druids examined her and called a hasty council. They told her she was under some unknown curse. All whom she loved and loved her would become tattoos of animals and creatures on her body… to be summoned for use. They could not find the origin of the curse or how to break it. Some remembered echos of the past…something familiar but nothing they could name. They advised her to set up a business; something that helped people without getting close to them. And they foresaw that fate would one day give her a chance to learn of the origins of her curse and reverse it.

She went back home and packed her things, vowing never to see her finance again. But he tracked her down after a year of her running from him. He was not angry and even said in the year of looking for her he knew that his love had grown. She watched, again in horror, as he was transformed. Not, as the others, into a living tattoo to be summoned. But into the Ediolon, the most powerful of her Summons and connected to her in a different way. He remained alive, changed and transformed into a strange beast that was locked in it’s own dimension but able to be summoned.

She built a magic shop in Greyhawk city and for eight years has adventured occasionally, increasing in magical knowledge but never letting anyone close. Even her employees, while loyal and valued, wonder why she keeps them at such a distance. The preparations and supplies for her wedding sit in her upper storage room, unforgotten and ever present.

Loreli knows this letter from Geoff and the resulting adventure is the chance fate has given her to discover the nature and origin of her curse, or to atone for whatever family sin has cursed her. She thought it would be over quickly…but as time goes on she knows she may have to tell her companions of her curse. Before the become friends. Before they love her or she loves them…and they become silent ink on her flesh.

Family and Friends

Professor Yaliel Dawnshroud (Blink Dog)
A professor, spotty type, not around much but very loving and excitable when he was home.
Stayed at his study-place of choice doing research overnight a lot. Bit absent-minded. He was a professor of folkore and history and renowned as a wonderful storyteller. The other faculty still mourn his loss and would be happy to help his child in any way. His office, which Loreli has never visited since his death, has been kept by the department as it was the day he died. The professor who took over for him, Professor Rand Nightwalk (35), was a great admirer and assistant to Yaliel. He was Yaliel’s first student who also became a teacher and owes everything in his career to the old professor. Rand has kept all of Yaliel’s work possessions and books in case his daughter ever wants them.

Professor Yaliel wrote the following works:

The History and Prehistory of the Codex of Infinite Planes
Flan Stories for Children (in 5 volumes)
The Isles of Woe: We Know More Than We Think
Flan Folklore and Religion
The Early Flan, A Garment of Many Colors
Flan Linguistic Subgroups
The Oerth Mother and the Hearth Mother: Are Beory and Berei One And The Same?
The Missing Ancient Flan Kingdom: Records of Barovia
Ink and Blood: The Ancient Art of Flan Tattoo Magic
The Gods in The Cloth: Flan Magical Garments and Designs
Flan Symbolism and Body Arts (With Rand Nightwalk)
The Tower Eternal: The Mystery of the Ghost Tower of Inverness
Songs From a Voiceless Time: Flan Ballads of the Pres-Migration Period
Inked Onto Their Hearts: Flan Love Ballads From Ancient to Modern Times
Our World in Flames: A Flan History of the Oerdian Invasion
Embroidery of the Soul: The Garment Sages

Orna (Worldstride)Dawnshroud (Wolf)
Distracted, some would say lazy, Orna could do amazing stuff when she put her mind to it but mostly wanted a laid back life. Raising a family was of utmost importance to her. Even though she could track and hunt and fish..her cooking skills were basically heating things until the color changed. Smart and fast, she was more than the equal for her young children. Her mother and father, both Druids, always thought that she would accomplish great things. But Druids can make distant parents and Orna did not see them often in her youth or after the birth of her children. They were confused but supportive by her choice to settle down, both of them traveling as much as possible. In a way, finally having a homebody in a long line of adventurers was refreshing. Deeply pained by her death, they have seen their grandchildren infrequently since.

Pence Dawnshroud (Medium Elemental)
Pence learned how to cook as soon as he could and mostly took over for that once he was old enough. He’s serious and quiet, kind of droll, and not all that kind to those outside the small circle of people he respects (mostly family members and close friends of the family). He’s good-hearted, but he has trouble trusting others.

Millicent and Melody Ravensong (Raptor and Rhino)
Neighbors and Druids, Like a second mother and a sister to Loreli. The mother was an apothecary with an affinity for birds. The house was just overrun with all kinds of birds day and night. Melody could be a bit headstrong and a brute. who did not let things stop her when she set her mind to a task.

Thazen Valenthae (The Ediolon)
Age: 35

Born of a Sylvan elf father and a Baklunish mother he embraces both of his bloodlines. Although he lives in the central Flaness he loves the desert and also (with a sweet tooth) desserts. In his younger years he traveled between little Ket in Greyhawk city and the Welkwood where his father lives. He spend time getting to know deserts by exploring the nearby Bright Desert as well as traveling to the Baklunish lands with the caravans of little Ket.

Vastly cunning and roguish, he never loses sight of his principles and goodness. He does not like to be center stage and pretends he’s not all that smart but is… bad at pretending to be that because he is so terrible at lying. A color mage who specializes in prismatic spells but also a survivalist in desert and forest climates, he can be invaluable in many terrains.

He understands sarcasm but thinks it’s annoying, finding people who do not say what they mean a waste of time and annoying. He can get moody on occasion and is always profusely sorry afterward. His attempts at humor consist of bad puns, but he does not try to joke all the time.

Loreli Dawnshroud

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