Marcus Cannerly


In a way, one of the Heroes of the Key. Marcus is a hallowed undead cleric of Pelor. He resides in a magic robe owned by Sarah, one of the Heroes, from Hallowfaust. Marcus is a powerful cleric who aided the heroes on many occasions. But his history is largely unknown to anyone but Sarah.

Marcus was the son of a Flan mother and Oerdian father and was fathered during the invasion/migration nearly 1000 years ago. His mother raised him in the Flan ways after his father was executed for breeding with a Flan. Living in hiding Marcus became a tutor to the young Claire Von Slythe.

Learning from her of the true nature of her parents he fought them to a standstill at the manor while the child escaped. Marcus was eventually killed by Lianna Von Slythe in the battle, but Pelor disintegrated his body upon death and made him a hallowed servant.

Marcus has woken up through the years…sometimes remembering his history and sometimes not. Usually he is placed with a group or sent on a mission by Pelor. He knows his ultimate goal is to help end the Von Slythe plan. His greatest regret is he was not able to save Claire from death.

Pelor has recently allowed him to recover his memories and he has told Sarah his history. He wants to be brought east into Greyhawk or Geoff so he can learn if there is news. He believes his god would not return his full memories unless the time he was created for is at hand. He must assist in the cleansing of the Von Slythe family.

Marcus Cannerly

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