Olivette Firstlight

Elven Rogue 10/ Fighter 6


Age at the time of death: 322
Height: 5’4
Weight: 107
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Blue
Race: Elven
Ethnicity: Wood Elf
god: All Elven, mostly Hanali Celanil goddess of love


Olivette was a wood elf who delighted in the poetry and songs of all races. She had a special devotion to the goddess Hanali Celanil, Elven goddess of love. A fierce enemy of anything unjust, she believed in an internal code of justice that resided in the hearts of all good creatures.

A bit of a swashbuckler, Olivette was the most daring of the company and delighted in stunts and experiments. She immediately took a liking to the joyful and honest paladin they met in the town of Crockport. As the year passed she began to love him and had that love returned. They did not tell their companions immediately. It seemed best to have something that was only theirs amid all the adventures.

When Valeneth became pregnant the party agreed to take time away from adventuring together so she could have her twins. Olivette revealed to Alexander that she was also with child and for the time they were disbanded the two lived in the Gnarly with her family.

When the advent of the prophecy brought them together again with the group, they left the child in the keeping of her family and went to the Dungeon of the Gods on the Isles of Woe.

Olivette Firstlight

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