Professor Rand Nightwalk

Head Professor of Flan Folklore and History at Grey University


Bard 8/Adventuring Scholar 5

Weight: 148
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: copper
Age: 39


Rand was a great admirer and assistant to Yaliel Dawnshroud. When the older professor was killed in a bridge collapse he was shattered. Yaliel has been almost a father to him and guided his career. So much so that he was the replacement for Yaliel on faculty and was recently made head of the Flan History and Folklore Department. But he would give all of that up to have his friend back.

At the funeral for Yaliel and his wife, Rand could not even approach the children. A young girl now needing to care for her brother and put her own life on hold upset him. So he made sure to funnel support through the neighbor Millicent Ravensong. He kept a loose eye on the family until the death of the boy Pence and the disappearance of the Ravensong’s and later Loreli’s fiance. He immediately discounted foul play on the girl’s part. But began to wonder if the family was stalked by some horror or villain. He was been doing research in that vein for the last four years. And what he has found is possibly too unbelievable.

He has respected Loreli’s desire for privacy even though he would do whatever he could to help her and has kept tabs on her activity. She likely vaguely remembers him from brief meetings and from the funeral of her parents. He was Yaliel’s first student who also became a teacher and owes everything in his career to the old professor. Rand has kept all of Yaliel’s work possessions and books in case his daughter ever wants them. He feels that, privacy aside, the daughter of his friend may need him soon. Although he does not know all of the history of the curse she labors under…he believes he knows where to start.

Books He Has Written

Flan Folkore in the Nyr Dyv Region
Tales of The Gods of Dawn: A Study of Pelor, Nerull and Beory
Flan Symbolism and Body Arts (With Yaliel DawnShroud)
Forgotten Potions: Herbal Remedies of the Ancient Flan
The Family Everdawn: From Ancient Times to The Rebirth of A Kingdom (3 volumes)

Professor Rand Nightwalk

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