Queen Elestrandeen

Ranger/Bard Queen of the Geoff


Age: 526
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race: High Elf


Queen Elestrandeen is an Elven ranger and bard from the High Elves of the Hornwood in Geoff. She distinguished herself in the Archlich war and became the ambassador from the High Elves to the court of King Tristan.

After 20 years of a growing trust and friendship her relationship to the king become something more. She resigned as ambassador and began seeing the king in an more personal relationship. It came as no surprise at court when they were married shortly after.

The marriage has caused some discontent at court where some who had waited decades for the king to pick a bride are shocked and disappointed by the choice of an elf. Others are pleased because of the ancient ties it restores to the Elven nations.

Queen Elestrandeen is a ranger and bard of no small skill. She fought in the Greyhawk and Archlich wars. The elves of the Hornwood do not speak of her much, and it is not for lack of people asking. Since she is a controversial figure at court many enemies have tried to get an indication of her friends, leaning and history…all to no avail. The elves of the Hornwood are more silent on the topic of Elesrandeen than seems proper. It could be they understand these are enemies asking, or it could be that those who do not trust her have some cause for that instinct.

The Queen recently revealed to the party that she is actually a gold dragon, though her age and full power are still uknown.

Queen Elestrandeen

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