Qui Yue Umari

Monk From the Isle of Pearls


Height: 5’5
Weight: 133
Hair: Black


Que is the youngest daughter in Umari family. Her father (Nori) is a royal official and her mother (Rie) a priestess. Her oldest brother (Kou) is a commander in the army and her other brother (Nobu) is a woodworker. He older sister (Haruka) has been missing for years and the family does not speak of her much. Que does not know the circumstances of her departure from the family and has been told by her parents that it is not her concern.

The Emperor Akhiro, Divine Light of the Sun, sent Que east because he foresaw that in time the Ilse of Pearls would need to aid others more directly in preventing evil. He understood from helping the Heroes of The Key that there are dangers in the world that can not be stopped without the Light of Pelor. The Isles are a place of great beauty but they also house the locked and guarded gate to the prison of the mad god…the only direct one on Oerth.

So he decided that he would pick a proper time and send a monk. As he was pondering he received word from Sir Christopher that the Last Tapestry was again showing the future. And the Lord Marshall of Geoff requested that he consider sending Que. Although a young and skilled monk…she had not been on Akhiro’s list of possibilities. But fate chooses where she will.

Que has three duties:

1. Follow your quest as Sir Christopher directs
2. Be alert for signs of the mad god
3. Follow the Will of Pelor/Amaterasu

Although he has not told her specifically the Emperor seems concerned about something. As if he is waiting to see the true shape of some great evil.

She knows the Emperors guard the void place where the Eldest Dark is imprisoned. That she has been told to look for signs of its’ presence is a disturbing hint of the Emperor’s concern. She now wonders if the disruption being caused by Asmodeus has been noticed by far more terrifying eyes.

Qui Yue Umari

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