Rutherford Seafire

Planeshifter 10/Wizard 8


Age: hard to say…85?
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 189 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Light blue
Race: Suel


You’d never think he was a wizard. You might guess an old fisherman, slightly mad and perhaps comical. But one of the most powerful mages in the Flaness…fishing on a boat in the Nyr Dyv off of the coast of Furyondy; seems unlikely. But there he is, every morning (except when he isn’t) pulling in the catch with his family…almost mages all. And the patriarch of the Seafire, grandfather of Jevan Seafire, family and protector of the town of Dawnbay south of Willip…Rutherford Seafire.

A man who has walked every major plane, most every minor one, and returned to a town of 700 on the shores of the Nyr Dyv because he says it is better. The point of traveling he insists is to return home, without that seeing things has no meaning. And Rutherford has seen more than most.

Bring the best back, know how to defend from the worst. And Rutherford Seafire has seen both the best and the worst…and Dawnbay has many surprises due to the souvenirs of his travels.

Tenser once laughed: "The Navy of Furyondy may be at Willip…but take it from those who of us who know; Dawnbay is far more secure.

Rutherford Seafire

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