Selczek Gobayuik

Guildmaster of Embalmers and Gravediggers in the Free City of Greyhawk


Age: 45
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 325 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Race: Half Orc


Without question, the most successful half-orc in the city is Selczek Gobayuik. Gobayuik is the guildmaster of the Embalmers’ and Gravediggers’ Guild. Hideously ugly and always dressed in black, he is quite wealthy and keeps his money invested in various enterprises with the Union of Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers. He has no known friends, and other guildmembers follow his directives only because they fear him. They also hope he will include them in his will. Gobayuik hates good clerics because they are bad for his business (they heal and resurrect people). Various jokes about the guildmaster, most involving improper romantic involvments with the undead, have been circulating in the city for decades.

The guild maintains civic cemetaries in the city and purchases land to set up new plots. Because of the city overcrowding, the guild is about to buy a large tract of land east of the city along Ery Trail for a future burial ground. The guild has a monopoly on the (legal) disposal of corpses in the city, and only a certificate proving the death and burial of a citizen, issued by the guild to the Inspector of Taxes, Glodreddi Bakkanin, will remove that citizen from the census and guild rolls; otherwise, the deceased’s family members must pay the deceased’s taxes. Because of this, every relative of a dead person wants the deceased to be certified by the guild and buried. The guild works with all legal religions in Greyhawk to organize funerals, mourning ceremonies, and so forth, though the churches almost universally despise the half-orc.

He runs a side business of providing bodies to the cults and necromancers of Greyhawk City. He is particularly involved lately with the Church of Incabulos and the Cult of Asmodeus.

Currently he is in the custody of the Greyhawk City Watch after his involvement with the Cults of Incabulos and Kyuss was discovered.

Selczek Gobayuik

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