Simon Rhola

Hero god of Quests (Sponsored by Dalt)


Simon is the oldest son of Jonathan and Elsbeth Rhola. He grew up with a fascination for locks and doorways and worshiped Dalt since he could talk. He saw romance and mystery in every locked door and an adventure in every threshold. His parents found it funny and charming and even surprising, only his grandmother was unsurprised and slightly evasive about her feelings on the matter.

She knows there was another reason she left the lands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. She knew her grandson was chosen by Dalt for some reason. She knew what was coming.

Simon was chosen to bear a piece of Dalt as he and the other Heroes of the Key tried to gather all of Dalt. The Church of Dalt had a last ditch plan if no way could be found to raise their God. Simon would be changed by the fragment he assimilated, and if necessary when the whole body was assembled Simon would use a bead of summing and merge with it…erasing himself and becoming Dalt.

Although Simon was ready to do this, his friends would not allow it and found a way to actually bring Dalt back.

Changed forever by the time he had the fragment in him, Simon was instrumental in the archlich wars as one of the five who stood directly against Vecna at Tovag Baragu. When he decided that it was time, twenty years after the war…Dalt elevated Simon to the status of Hero God of Quests.

He still hangs out with his best friend, Vine Everdawn (Cleric of Rao and Princess of Geoff)

His Holy Symbol is an open door with a key in the lock that opens to reveal a long road beyond the door.

Simon’s Family

Elsbeth Barnett Rhola
(Mother 66; CG Former Spy now retired, Cartography guild master: Mk 8 Spy 10)

She has been in the capitol of Iuz and stood next to him, briefed the circle of eight, Hidden in the very lands of the brotherhood as a spy and even helped Otto arrange a surprise party for Mordenkinen when the latter was into divination magic. There is likely no place on Oerth she has not been. But all that is a fond and distant memory. Elsbeth Barnett was never named Barnett, although she is fairly sure she is Elsbeth. Born to Sister Patience a spy/monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood who decided she could no longer tolerate hatred and racism, Elsbeth grew up on the run and learned the arts of the spy from her mother. The trail that leads to her is so twisted and hidden that she is safe from any retribution from the brotherhood. Although her father still, out of damaged pride and vengeance, still searches when his duties allow. Elsbeth served the free city as spy and cartographer for years, and has many commendations from the Greyhawk wars. She enjoys her current calm life as map maker, head of the guild and mother.

Jonathan Rhola (Deceased)
(74; LG Former Commander in the Greyhawk Wars, now Mason and Architect: Ft 15)

Jonathan’s family stretches all the way back to the Suel empire, a fact that brings them both pride and shame. The Rhola Family is remembered, even now as the family that tried to bring peace. They never had the superiority complex and flat our racism of many others. Settling in the Lordship of the Isles after the migration they became a bastion of honor and civility. Disgusted by the leanings of the Lordship toward the brotherhood, Jonathan’s parents moved the family to Greyhawk city. It was here he met his wife. Although it took him, as far as he was concerned, an insane amount of time to gain the trust of her mother…he eventually did. Then he found out why. To his credit he never regretted falling in love with a woman under an ambiguous sentence of death from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Jonathan led the Greyhawk forces who volunteered in the Greyhawk wars.

William Rhola
(Brother 45; CG Gutter Mage 4 Vigilante; Lv 10)

Will is a handful, even by the standards of his adventuring brother. A worshiper of Norebo, Will is disgusted by the outlandish behavior of many who consider themselves gamblers and rogues. He never really sought to develop his natural magical ability and was very aimless. So in a particularly confusing decision he became an avenger against those who would give revelry a bad name. Thieves, alcoholics, bad parents and crooked gamblers all became targets of his “Justice”. He actually does dress up in an outfit and patrol the night. Will fully thought that he would tire of it after a few weeks. But he is doing good and finds it fulfilling. Simon is well aware of it all. How could he not know who a swashbuckling avenger with a rapier calling himself the Hand of Chance was? In particular since this conversation happened one week before the Hand’s first appearance:

Will: Simon, do you know is there such a thing as magic eight sided die that punishes the wicked?
Simon: No, no there isn’t.
Will: Ahh. Do you know where I can get a grappling crossbow?

Simon was about to put an end to it all when he saw a child wearing a homemade shirt honoring the Hand of Chance. When he asked the child why…he told him that the vigilante had made his father stop drinking and gambling and now he was home and things were different. Simon decided that perhaps there was more to all of this that mortal plans. Even if it means William is a masked avenger with a dice fetish. Everyone needs a vocation and he likely had the appendix of his dead god in his hand. He does not feel in a place to judge.

William’s daughter Jennifer is the current Hand of Chance.

Susan Rhola
(Sister 48; CG Cleric of Phaulkon Lv 16)

Susan worships Phaulkon, the god of birds, the air and wind. He is also a god who seeks to expose secrets that could harm people and destroy or contain evil magic and artifacts. She despises evil and views it as something that needs to be rooted out and exposed to the light and destroyed. She remarked once that if she did not worship Phaulkon she would worship Pelor. Susan is the second best fighter in the family (after their father) and a world class archer with many competition victories. She is the one who gave Simon his Holy Warhammer. Susan envisions a world with no evil. She does understand the difference between necessary things and idealism and does not judge people unless they are definitely evil. To her, there is enough easily identified evil to be dealing harshly with poor people who may have to live in shades of grey to survive. She detested the god Vecna and his secrets and is very proud of Simon. She has recently found out he is a Hero god and is not stunned in the least.

Grandma Constance Barrett
(Grandmother 81; NG Mk 20)

Born with the name Patience…It could not have been more of a misnomer. As she grew she had a sense of justice and good that troubled many in the brotherhood. But she was amazingly fierce and natural as a monk. After she was selected for mating and conceived a child she was given a teacher position until the girl was born. It was here she truly rejected the brotherhood. As a child she struggled with their hate. But teaching it to others disgusted her. When she was approached by a prophet and priest of Lendor she was horrified by what he told her. He greeted her with joy and told her that a grandchild of hers would have to undertake a dangerous mission for the god Dalt; And that if he was raised as an agent of the brotherhood it would mean the ultimate triumph of the Scarlet Sign.

She was confused until she had a dream that directed her to the library of the brotherhood and found a book from the days before the twin cataclysms…she was instructed by the dream to take the book and flee. It had a lock on it that could not be opened by any means short of the Golden Key of portals, the artifact of Dalt.

She fled, always running. She had her daughter and named her Elsbeth Barrett (after the false last name she was using.) She taught her daughter how to be a monk and spy. At the birth of her grandson Simon she knew the time for something was near. The book explained to Simon how to absorb the fragment of Dalt and was instrumental in aiding the Heroes when they traveled to the Forbidden City.

Constance knows that her former mate and the Scarlet Brotherhood are weak but still a factor in the world. And they are incensed over their loss of Simon and how they were defeated in their attempt to be parasites on his greatness. This makes them more dangerous.

Father Sinchair Obedience
(Grandfather; NE 85; Mk 17)

The grandfather Simon did not know is the head of the subsection of the office of purity that deals with the plans for the eventual enslavement of all non-Suel on Oerth. He Worships Pyremius and delights in random murder and burning the impure.

He was indifferent to the defection of his assigned mate. After all, there were dozens that would be assigned to one like him and the offspring was to be a girl; all in all it was a wasted but enjoyable effort. But soon after a priest of Lendor came to him and told him what he had told Patience. Her trail now too cold to follow directly, Sinchair decided the best method was to torture the prophet until he had enough visions to aid him in his quest. This man had, after all, know information that could be the triumph of the brotherhood and not told him first. But he had to move slowly. First, in case they would hold him responsible, he could not tell those above him.

So he hid the cleric away after faking the man’s death and privately tortured him for 15 years, as his secretary took notes on the visions he would have in his pain and suffering. When he was high enough in the brotherhood he brought the broken man before the council and claimed to have found him in the jungles on a mission. The babbling prophecy of Dalt and the triumph of the brotherhood now denied to them did not impress the Fathers. After all, this was a crazy dead man.

Sinclair, however, had years of prophecy and decided to bide his time and prepare. True, much of it was incoherent and he still had no idea what a fire Gnome was…but there was enough. He knew his grandson was chosen and in Greyhawk city. So he waited. And he rose to be one of the three heads of the office of purity. His agents were all over the Flaness. And 36 years after the betrayal the brotherhood learned from their clerics that Dalt had been killed and some in Greyhawk city were chosen and attempting to find the parts of the god and bring him back. A secret known only to Sinchair was that he knows how his grandson was supposed to bring about the triumph of the brotherhood.

He discovered an old drawing from 1000 years ago, three days before the destruction of the empire. It was from the city Suendrako, the ancient capitol of the Suel. A drawing of a man the cleric identified as his grandson….1000 years out of place. He would be in a position to warn the Empire of the coming destruction with enough time for them to destroy the Baklunish before they can retaliate for the Invoked Devastation.

Sinchair tried find and follow his grandson but he failed and was seemingly lost in the past. Simon is not so sure about that and believes his grandfather now leads the Brotherhood.

Simon Rhola

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