Thazen Valenthae (The Ediolon)

Half Elf Prismatic Mage


Age: 35
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Multi-Colored
Eyes: Copper
Skin: Copper
Race: Half Sylvan Elf/Baklune


Born of a Sylvan elf father and a Baklunish mother he embraces both of his bloodlines. Although he lives in the central Flaness he loves the desert and also (with a sweet tooth) desserts. In his younger years he traveled between little Ket in Greyhawk city and the Welkwood where his father lives. He spend time getting to know deserts by exploring the nearby Bright Desert as well as traveling to the Baklunish lands with the caravans of little Ket.

Vastly cunning and roguish, he never loses sight of his principles and goodness. He does not like to be center stage and pretends he’s not all that smart but is… bad at pretending to be that because he is so terrible at lying. A color mage who specializes in prismatic spells but also a survivalist in desert and forest climates, he can be invaluable in many terrains.

He understands sarcasm but thinks it’s annoying, finding people who do not say what they mean a waste of time and annoying. He can get moody on occasion and is always profusely sorry afterward. His attempts at humor consist of bad puns, but he does not try to joke all the time.

Thazen is a mage who specializes in the the color spells. He has made an in depth study of light and its’ properties.

Thazen Valenthae (The Ediolon)

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