The Chosen of Kyuss


Height: 6’10
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Red

Wears a white mask that hides a mass of pulsating worms that make up it’s face. Nobel robes barely conceal a writhing, shifting form that may or may not have at some point been human.


Of the few people who know about The Chosen, the main debate is: Is it a who or a what?

The question has no clear answer. General knowledge in the cult of Kyuss is that it is a who. The high ranking members of the Church of Kyuss have mentioned they were there at it’s birth. Other members point out that does not make it a who…“whats” are born too.

Who or what, the thing that is known is that The Chosen is disturbing. It is not all worms in a vague human shape. Rather it is something vaguely human that houses or produces worms. Mages in the church have used the term Human Aberration as if it is a new class of creature.

Vastly intelligent and naturally born with clerical and arcane magic abilities, The Chosen does not seek leadership in the Church of Kyuss. Rather it goes about its’ time performing odd tasks and taking long absences. The leaders of the Church would never deny The Chosen a request and in turn The Chosen eliminates threats to the Church while fulfilling its’ unknowable agenda.

Recently The Chosen has been taking visitors from the infernal realms and cult of Asmodeus as well as asking the leaders of the Church to perform certain tasks that are growing disturbing even for them.

The Chosen was defeated by the party when he and Taren tried to ambush them, and Jeremy Moonrise used a ritual to trap his soul in a gemstone. The stone is sitting in a bucket of holy water in the Greyhawk City church of Pelor.

The Chosen of Kyuss

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