Thereca Stalwarth


Age: 17
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’6"


Thereca is cheerful and helpful. She has always wanted to be a priestess and has proven to be wise beyond her years. Currently she is serving as the assistant to Father Slocum who was sent to replace the previous high priest of Heironeous (who had been one of the Stalwarth cousins). Unfortunately, Slocum is quite old and getting senile. He still gives a ripping sermon, but has a good bit of trouble handling much else. Thereca has perfected the art of steering him in the right direction and reminding him without pricking Slocum’s sense of pride. Her friendly manner makes her very popular with the locals — especially the young men her own age. She has found it’s easy to get them to help out around the church with just a smile. Thereca also has a romantic streak a mile wide and has become the defacto local match maker — something she’s very good at. As the youngest of the Stalwarth’s, Thereca often gets coddled. Something she hates. In fact, she’s looking forward to a day when she can prove herself just as able as her brothers and cousin.

Thereca Stalwarth

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