Touma Stalwarth


Age: 52
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’10"


Will’s uncle runs a general store and does his best to stay under the radar. He completely lacks the family’s famous zealous spirit and would prefer to simply live a peaceful life with his wife and children. Sadly for him, his two twin sons, Adam and Tobias, have both become paladins and his young daughter, Thereca, just completed her training as a cleric of Heironeous. Touma is practical and shrewd. He prefers to stay out of the lime light whenever possible. With a sense of humor that is quirky at best, Touma has learned to leave the jokes to the rest of the family. He harbors a great deal of resentment towards the Von Slythe’s not only for murdering his older brother but for the death of his wife, Laurael. A year after the catastrophe she contracted a strange illness that was resistant to even magic forms of healing. Like the other villagers who had the disease, she quickly wasted away and died. The assumption was made that it was due to the corruption of the surrounding lands.

Touma Stalwarth

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