Valeneth Worldstride

Druid 20


Age 282
Height 5’9
Weight: 150
Eyes: blue (used to be brown)
Hair: black
Skin: pale (used to be copper)


The great, great, great Grandmother of Loreli Dawnshroud. She was the only survivor of an ill fated expedition to the Isle of Woe. She stumbled from the Isles wounded and bearing the knowledge of the method of destruction for the Codex of Infinite Planes.

Crawling out of the Nyr Dyv she proceeded, dragging herself at times, to the Plain of Greyhawk while slowly being encased in living ice as a result of a trap on the Isles; as well as suffering from other magical effects. Resisting the magical effects as long as she could she thought that her pain and the sacrifice of all her friends was worthless. She would die alone and undiscovered. The knowledge of how to end the greatest catastrophe in history would be lost and no one would ever find it again. At the end of her life she looked up and saw a man looking down at her.

“My castle isn’t far,” he said, “perhaps you’ll be comfortable there for a few centuries until your guests arrive.”

She thought she was dead until she woke up in a bedroom in a castle. Searching for her host she discovered that she was in Castle Greyhawk. Her limbs already becoming cold and useless as magical ice surrounded her body, she asked for help.

Zagyg made her an offer, he would remove the deadly effects of the trap but keep her trapped in the ice that was forming around her…she would live until those who had a chance to destroy the Codex came to find her. Then she would die after talking to them. The trap she was victim to was set by the gods, he could not eliminate it but he could modify and delay it. And she had to stay awake. She had to fight the madness that comes with living without dreams. Dreams and nightmares..would be a weakness in the long roll of years.

She agreed. And she waits. Frozen in ice…aware of the passage of years and awake within a prison of shimmering blue and white. Alone in the knowledge of how to save the world, waiting to pass it on to those who were called to save it.

The rest of the adventuring party who died on the Isles of Woe:

Vanaver Worldstride (Flan Cleric of Pelor/ Garment Sage)
Dreais Hollis (Flan Mage)
Alexander Brenton (Oerdian, Paladin of St Cuthbert)
Olivette Firstlight (Elven thief)

Valeneth Worldstride

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