Vanaver Worldstride

Cleric of Pelor 6/ Garment Sage 10


Age at death: 26
Height: 5’9
Weight: 134
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: human
Ethnicity: Flan
god: Pelor and Flan Pantheon


Great great great grandfather of Loreli Dawnshroud, Vanaver was one of the last Garment Sages. He went with a party who traveled to the Isles of Woe to discover the origins of the Codex of Infinite Planes after a prophecy said that the book would be instrumental in the destruction of the world.

A cleric of Pelor who once was a junior member of the church who helped negotiate some of the expansion construction of Greyhawk city with the local druids. It was in this capacity he met Valeneth, his eventual wife. Chosen for because of his wisdom and destiny he became a Garment Sage, one of the ancient messengers and explorers of the Flan who respected all life.

The couple formed fast friendships with Dreais Hollis, a prank loving Flan mage…Olivette Firstlight an elven rogue and fighter and Alexander Brenton an Oerdian paladin. The group became renowned as honest and true defenders of what was right.

So it was to them that a prophecy was revealed by the Watchers of the Coming Sunset, that said the Codex of Infinite Planes would destroy the world. They were tasked with finding the method of its construction and destruction at the next appearance of the Isles of Woe. Vanaver and Valeneth, recently blessed with the birth of twin boys who were left in the care of the druids outside of Greyhawk City, embarked with the rest of the group to the Isles of Woe.

Vanaver was the last to fall in the Dungeon of the gods on the Isles.

Vanaver Worldstride

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