Villius Bluesteel

Frost Barbarian


Age: 17
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 283 lbs
Hair: Blond, nearly white
Eyes: Blue
Race: Suel, Frost Barbarian


Nephew to King Hundgred Rälffson through his sister, Villius is an imposing youth. He grew up on stories and myths of heroism. His favorite was how fifteen years before his birth the Heroes of the Key came to his land and defeated a Half Dragon Giant and gained one of the pieces of Dalt. Since Dalt is the brother of Vatun, the god of the Frost Barbarians, he always felt personally connected to the stories of the Heroes of the Key.

Villius excelled at all his youthful pursuits involving both mental agility and physical abilities. His greatest asset is his relentless constitution. He can exert himself long after most people would have fallen.

His mother, Baldrun Ralffson is wife of a local Jarl (clan lord) Arbjorn Bluesteel. She is the clan’s wise woman and has egreat things for her son. But she does not tell him because he is headstrong and she does not wish to add prideful to that trait. Recently she has encouraged his desire to adventure outside of the lands of the Frost Barbarians. She has even given him a family bastard sword in her possession: Nightcry. It is far more than a Sonic weapon, but she has decided to let him discover that on his own when and if Vatun decides.

Villius is skilled in smithing and engraving and could make a living at that and tailoring should he choose. But he much prefers to adventure and seek the glory he has been told stories of his whole life.

Villius Bluesteel

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