Zegran Osver


Age: 25
Height: 5’8”
Hair: short, curly black
Eyes: brown eyes
Ethnicity: Flan


Jack’s loyal first mate, navigator and confidant always follows his captain wherever he goes. This is due to an agreement between the two that Zegran would do his best to curb Jack’s more “fiendish” tendencies. He is the only member of the crew who knows Jack’s real history, but has sworn to never tell a soul. He owes his life to his captain after being rescued from slavers early in Jack’s career.

Zegran is an accomplished sailor and enjoys the freedom of being a pirate. In fact, he just enjoys freedom in general. He can be downright murderous and vindictive when the situation calls for it, but mostly he’s known for his easy smile and ready wit. Zegran would much rather be laughing and indulging himself than having to stab someone to death. He’s fiercely protective of his friend and worries when Jack has his occasional brushes with insanity.

Zegran Osver

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