Sonic Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)

A viscous looking bastard sword, Nightcry is a family sword of the Ralffson clan of the Frost Barbarians. It is currently in the possession of Villius Bluesteel.

+3 Bastard Sword (1D10 + 3 Damage)
On Command deals an additional 2D6 of sonic Damage


Given to Villius by his mother Baldrun Ralffson, Nightcry is said to be more than a Sonic weapon in the hands of the true hearted and kind. Strength of arms will never unlock the full power of the weapon.

Villius knows none of the legend of the weapon. It was actively hidden from him by his mother. She worries about her son’s arrogance and did not want him thinking he was a legendary warrior anymore than he already might. If Vatun wishes for him to be a hero let that be the will of the Winter Lord.


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