Devil Breaker

The Stalwarth Family's hereditary longsword

weapon (melee)

+5 Longsword (1d8 +5 damage)
Double damage against extra planer evil
Chance to detect demons and devils, their work, magic or influence
Does subdual against someone unwillingly possessed; exorcises vanquished foe
Circle of Magic Resistance 50%
Plane Shift; Empathic Link with wielder
Wielder gets use of Flame Strike as cleric of their level 1/day
Weapon Develops Speech; Flame strike does double damage vs demons and devils


This well used longsword has been passed down through dozens of generations of the Stalwarth family. The current family head is the most common wielder of the blade, but it is sometimes turned over to another member of the family if they have need of it. It is very rare that the head of the family is not a paladin, cleric, or holy knight of some kind.

The current holder of the sword is Wilhelmina Stalwarth who inherited it after her father’s death.

After finding the 800 year old body of the Stalwarth’s ancestor, Theodore Stalwarth, the magical gem he was carrying spontaneously embedded itself into the hilt of the sword. Idrys Tavedran inspected the gem and suggested that it syncs with the sword’s wielder and has magic dedicated to Heironeous.

The sword has recently revealed its name is Devil Breaker and that it was forged by dwarves in the western part of the continent at the behest of the legendary Arnd of Tdon for reasons he didn’t divulge. Devil Breaker is one of six items that were created for Arnd and his companions on the orders of Heironeous. The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd and a shield are two of the other five, though their whereabouts and what powers they might have are not entirely known. Due to his origins, Devil Breaker is capable of wounding even the most powerful of devils, including Asmodeus himself. The sword has proven quite knowledgeable about the history of the Oeridian people and the Stalwarth and Von Slythe families. He has more information locked in his mind, but relies on the strength of his wielder to unlock it.

Devil Breaker was badly damaged during the final battle on the Isles of Woe. Asmodeus attempted to destroy the sword by striking it with his powerful artifact, the Ruby Rod. Though the structural damage was repaired, Devil Breaker still sports a deep and permanent scar across his pristine blade.

Devil Breaker

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